Established in 2022 - Fixxshop has been a leading player in changing the fashion game the way we want. We bring streetwear style together with the most coveted fashion labels. We believe that modern fashion should be affordable while maintaining the style and quality. We support young and talented designers and we aim to bring all the currently most trendy designer brands to the fashion lovers.


Let us define the fashion the way we want. Here at, we provide you with the most popular and stylish products that are high quality and unique from clothings to accessories. 

We believe fashion is not just from sophisticated and refined studios or luxury Maisons. Our definition of fashion combines untraditional characteristics and experimental ways of wearing into each collection to create a knowledgeable and fashionable nature, which emerge on local grassroots. It is more about youth and culture. You can see celebrities worldwide are wearing the designer brands we carry. And this is the attitude of how trendy and stylish we want to be. If you love fashion, you will be obsessed with all the things on