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KVK Supernovas Collection Hydra Pendant Necklace

KVK Supernovas Collection Hydra Pendant Necklace

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The shimmering lights of an infinite night sky like torches from another world, KVK looks to the brightest stars this holiday season. Fluid lines with sharpened edges compose a capsule collection of transcendental jewelry and decorative objects, their reflective surfaces engineered in gleaming metals. A chain-link bracelet, a matching necklace and earrings are chiseled with undulated curves as though radiated by cosmic waves. Pools of glistening liquid form the surface of a pocket-mirror and a rippled ring. The AirPods case and pendant necklace bounce light off of their reflective surfaces. A spiked candle, whetted lighter case and twisted candle holders aluminate the even darkness spaces. To celebrate this time of coming together the collection offers something for everyone, each piece its own otherworldly ornament. 

The Hydra pendant necklace is crafted from platinum-plated bronze. Named after the serpentine constellation, it is composed of a long, thin chain with a single rectangular charm, its textured surface rippled like undulating cosmic waves.

Copper Platinum

Color: White Gold

Length: 55cm; adjustable 

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